Graphic Design

You typically start somewhere and that somewhere is the visual face of your company. We design pretty, we design clean, we design ground-breaking, we design for you. The Down River Design graphics team are by far the most expressive of the bunch, a loquacious crew brimming with creativity and we generally like it like that. Our design approach is simple – create a look that cannot be competed with. A lofty goal, perhaps, unreasonable, not when it comes to differentiating your business and positioning you at the head of the class.

Web App Development

We could bore you with flashy credentials and coding mumbo-jumbo or simply tell you we have some ASP.NET and PHP players here in house that will blow your mind. And these aren’t your stereotypical introverted engineers socked away in our basement cubicles, we got these guys and gals out front and center, with natural light and all the tools needed to maintain fluid communication with you the client from start to finish. Ecommerce, large scale custom application development, simple mom & pop sites, whatever your size, flavor, need or desire, all of your web application essentials can be entrusted to Downriverdesign.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is especially fun because not only is it one of our stronger service areas, the mobile application industry literally didn’t exist until very recently. This is also an area where talents collide – our design team and backend wizards collaborate on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, and other Smartphone apps and we don’t let them out of our make-shift, app dungeon until your mobile needs have been met. Custom-built, ready-to-run enterprise and customer apps, multi-channel design apps, whatever your specific needs our team is proficient over a range of platforms and the corresponding integrated development environment.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a metropolitan library full of words. Planning and creative, full service video production, video strategy and distribution, our range of video production services can absorb and shatter whatever challenge awaits. The Down River Design video production team typically engages at a research and concept development stage, irons out the content strategy, moves on to HD broadcast production featuring a range of animations and graphics along with time-lapse video capabilities, and last but not least, full campaign management, platform activation and seeding as well as YouTube channel management. That was a mouthful, a metropolitan library worth of words.


Projects we are proud of

Our Clients

People we love working with

I’d been working with contracted developers for months who greatly overcharged me, were outsourced overseas (unbeknownst to me at the time I signed the contract) and produced a bug ridden app. After I got in contact with Down River Design, they were able to help me find all of the bugs in the app and provide an extremely cost effective solution. Communication was a breeze and he went out of his way to help me save even more money throughout the process. The end product was great. Down River Design is undoubtedly extremely affordable, dependable and honourable. Jordan Golshan

I had been working with another app creation company and got really frustrated with high costs and deadlines being missed. Everything got SO MUCH BETTER once I found Down River Design. DRD was very fairly priced, always on time and always exactly as specified. Dan is honest up front about the cost and timeline and sticks to them, often beating deadlines by days and weeks (which is unheard of in app development). Mayank Shah

I cannot recommend the Down River team enough. They mapped out the process for building a website for my business in layman’s terms and delivered a site that is easier for me to edit than a Word document. Eric Magnuson

Our Team

New Orleans based designers and developers

Daniel Crowley

Daniel Crowley

Founder/Project Manager

Daniel Crowley is the founder of Down River Design. He was born in Minnesota but raised in Massachusetts.  He lived there until he attended Tulane University in New Orleans, graduating with a business degree in Finance.  He decided to start Down River Design in 2011 after a frustrating experience developing his own app. Daniel leads most projects and deals directly with anything mobile and web application related. Daniel enjoys running/exercising, golf, and scuba diving.  Feel free to contact Daniel directly for any and all questions.



Brighton Linge

Brighton Linge

Video Production Engineer

Brighton Linge was born and raised right here in New Orleans.  Brighton has always had a passion for cinematography which spurred him to attend UNC School of Arts.  He has worked on many projects such as De Ja Vu, Vanilla Ice Project, and NFL films to name a few.  Brighton has unmatched talents in creating visually stunning videos for any and all fields.  Contact Brighton at any time to pitch your idea!



Brian Cook

Brian Cook

Web Development Specialist

Originally from Ohio Brian Cook moved down to New Orleans to attend Tulane University.  Brian handles all things web.  He is a pro at taking a vision and turning it into reality.  For a one-on-one consultation contact Brian!




Vikas Sadana

Vikas Sadana

Marketing Specialist

Vikas has what it takes to bring in revenue to your company.  And that’s really what it all boils down to…. Vikas has the expertise and the know-how coming from and MBA in marketing along with 7+ years of industry experience.  He will help you set up & maintain marketing campaigns that will drive in more leads and traffic that you will know how to handle.  Contact Vikas to discuss the endless possibilities!




Our thoughts on web trends and technology

Why investing in Web Applications makes sense

Over the past decade, a lot has been achieved technologically. Mobile phones have advanced from the ones that had a battery life of 4 hours to ones that can go on for days. The Internet has not been left behind either. Today, if you need your clients to use certain... read more

About Us

The Down River story

Envision a strapping team of inspired athletes, in the best shape of their lives, locked-in and feeding off a collective drive with extracurricular blow-off hobbies such as sky diving, drag racing and parkour (click here if you are curious). Quite a vision, right? Now picture this same team minus the six-pack abs and glistening deltoid but with the same collective frenzy and creative drive, and I present to you a unique approach to the management of your firm’s design and development needs.

Downriverdesign is a New Orleans based, firm that has enthusiastically thrown its all (drag racing adventures and the like) into managing the development, programming and design needs of small, medium and large firms. Three short years ago we hammered out a vision of an all-inclusive development and design approach, a tailored service that regardless of the size of the firm would be highly personalized, flexible and competitive. Based off years of individual experience and a shared enthusiasm for unique development and marketing solutions, the Down River Design team is a natural complement to the growth of your firm.

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